Premium Set

Premium Set
(4 Bottles) 300ml
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  1. Honey Nut Banana Crunch – Almond Nuts, Banana, Shot of Honey
  2. Simply Seeds – Chia Seeds, Lime, Green Apple, Cucumber
  3. Drago Fresco – Dragon Fruit, Tomato, Orange
  4. Green Light – Celery, Pineapple, Starfruit, Wheatgrass


Honey Nut Banana Crunch Great for:
Reducing risk of heart attacks, Lowering bad cholesterol, Boosting memory and mood, Improving skin and bone health
Simply Seeds Great for:
Boosting energy and metabolism, Preventing eye infections and Improving vision, Anti-aging properties, Managing diabetes
Drago Fresco Great for:
Digestion, Lowering hypertension, Promotes healthy skin, Relieving constipation
Green Light Great for:
Reducing risk of cancer, Reducing cough and sore throat, Lowering cholesterol, Cleansing the liver