Set 3

Standard Set 3
(4 Bottles) 300ml
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  1. Sunset Boulevard – Apple, Orange, Grapefruit
  2. Merry Berry – Strawberry, Apple, Watermelon
  3. Tropikale – Kale, Cucumber, Pineapple, Apple
  4. Pearadise – Pear, Pineapple, Lime


Sunset Boulevard Great for:
Strengthening immune system, Anti-aging properties and Cancer fighting properties, Skin health, Preventing kidney disease
Merry Berry Great for:
Digestion, Hydration, Boosting immunity, Reducing bad cholesterol
Tropikale Great for:
Reducing cough, Lowering blood pressure, Cancer fighting properties, Reducing cholesterol
Pearadise Great for:
Lowering blood pressure, Bone and teeth health, Reducing cough, Easing constipation