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Our society has evolved drastically, we want to be at our very best. This means the constant drive to look for answers on how to take care of our health and opting a better lifestyle. People start to understand that with better health, not only you can do more but become happier. Mission Juice wants to provide the answer to happy healthy living.

Hence, we embarked on a mission to encourage people to do themselves good, by consuming only natural, quality cold-pressed juices. Cold-pressed juices helps your body to absorb large amounts of enzymes and nutrients, promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle that builds your body’s natural defence mechanism against today’s chronic diseases.


…As we say, juice done right!

Unfortunately, most juices available in Singapore are produced using centrifugal juicers that run on high speed that oxidises and diminishes nutrients of fruits and vegetables. This is followed by dilution with large amounts of ice, hidden additives and syrups. That means, consumers are getting low quality juices with substantially reduced nutritional value. This could do your body more harm than good.

The saving grace is that cold-pressed juices produced using a hydraulic pressing technology extracts the nectar directly from the pulp, bringing you the purest juice with highest nutritional benefits, retaining natural flavour, original colour, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

Our juices do not contain syrups or preservatives, and are only made-to-order.
Mission Juice only uses the freshest ingredients thoroughly inspected, stored and handled with care to ensure only the best goes in to your juice.


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