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How does the 20/40/60/80 juice package work?

Purchase your desired cleanse package (20/40/60/80 bottles). Once we receive your order and payment, we will add your package into our system. You will receive a notification whenever you add or redeem juices.

You can select any juice blends from our wide range of missions. You can submit your preferred juices for each delivery in your Mission Juice account. Simple select and hit the submit button per delivery and sit back and relax while we have your freshly pressed juice delivered to your doorstep.

Freshly Pressed. Non-GMO. No added sugar. No additives. No preservatives.

Do I have to redeem all my juices immediately after placing an order?

You do not have to redeem all the juices in the package at one go! You can redeem the juices as and when required. You can select any juice blends from our wide range of missions.

There is no expiry for the juice packages.

How many juices can I set per deliver?

As your package come with set deliveries, we would recommend up to 10 bottles per delivery to fully utilize each delivery. However, this is our advice based on our customer’s habits. It is up to you to make the final decision, its not complicated for it is just juice.

As long as all juices are fully redeemed with the number of deliveries set for your package, there is nothing to worry about.

What if I have to make an urgent delivery?

To request for an urgent delivery, simply contact our hotline at +65 82021355. Our team will guide you through the process, collect necessary details, and dispatch your juices delivery promptly.

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