40 Bottles Cleanse Package with 4 Deliveries


*Disclaimer* do not force your body to proceed on with the cleanse if you do not feel well or are unable to continue without consuming your meal/s, especially so for first timers. If your body is still not used to it and not responding well without solid foods, try consuming healthy snacks such as nuts, grains, granola, fruit bowls or even salads with lean protein options. We want you as well as your body to enjoy the experience 🙂

You may choose to adopt our recommended consumption schedule as listed below.

Half Day Cleanse (Lunch):

  • 10am1st bottle
  • 11am2nd bottle
  • 12pm3rd bottle
  • 1pm4th bottle
  • 2pm5th bottle

Half Day Cleanse (Dinner):

  • 4pm1st bottle
  • 5pm2nd bottle
  • 6pm3rd bottle
  • 7pm4th bottle
  • 8pm5th bottle
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