Original Nutmilk
Cinnamon Nutmilk
Cocoa Nutmilk
Matcha Nutmilk

Nutmilks Pack


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Nutmilks Pack

Consists of:

  1. Original Nutmilk – Almond Nuts, Banana, Shot of Honey
  2. Cinnamon Nutmilk – Almond Nuts, Cinnamon Powder, Banana, Shot of Honey
  3. Cocoa Nutmilk – Almond Nuts, Cocoa Powder, Banana, Shot of Honey
  4. Matcha Nutmilk – Almond Nuts, Matcha Powder, Banana, Shot of Honey


  • Source of potassium and magnesium
  • Added fibre to your diet
  • May reduce blood pressure & cholesterol when regularly substituted
  • Higher in Vitamin E compared to animal milk
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